Can’t Keep Up? Graphic Design Principles Explained: Intro

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In this series, we are going to cover some very basic design principles and how they work in the world of Graphic Design. Now some of these principles may be new to you and others may extremely Elementary but it never hurts to go over the basics because the basics are the foundations to which we always follow and never ...
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What makes a truly great logo

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  This amazing explanatory video from Joe Posner @joeposner and Michael Bierut @michaelbierut explain how the traditional forms of logos such as the Wordmark, Pictorial, and Iconography are becoming obsolete to the variety that companies are challenged with providing in today’s marketplace. Brought to you by vox.com Related Posts Tips On How To Market For Client RetentionAugust 23, 2016The Tony Robbins ...

Graphic Design Terms Every Atlanta Business Should Know

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Often times you might hear your graphic designer Here are some terms you may hear me using from time to time and the meanings of each. By no means is this an exhaustive list just a small sample of terms you might want to consider adding to your vocabulary. Baseline  A base line is an imaginary line where type sits ...
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10 Creative Hacks for Artists & Designers

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Ever been stuck on a Web Design project or creative project cant seem to get out of that creative rut to come up with new ideas? Or what if we are frozen with a courser from our text editor blinking at us silently, like a caution signal warning us of an impending waste of time? Or alternatively, sitting at your canvas with …

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Can we really trust a Comic Sans font?

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Oh Comic Sans, with its wonderful curves and bulgy appearance that has swept the world over has crept its way into our font library to stay. Although is being in some cases described as a casual script it was designed by Vincent Connare for Microsoft in 1994 yet for some reason people, specifically graphic designers, mock or even loathe the ...