Brand Strategy

why brand strategy

Why do you need to have a brand strategy?

In a brand strategy session perhaps you’re a successful entrepreneur with your organization getting out of alignment with your original vision. Maybe you’ve got Series A financing through an angel investing for your startup and you want a clear path to take in your efforts to make sure they are worthwhile. With all the decisions you need to make in your business with the little time, you already have to run your business. You lack a plan; you require results; you need … a strategy.

Don’t leave your brand to chance.

Your customers have needs and wants you to can satisfy more than a transaction. Being in an environment where open ideas about your customer gives you leverage to empathize with them through authentic connection. Learn more about Investing In Your Brand.

brand clarity

Open Pandora’s Box

Pandora is more than a discovery session, its brand strategy magic. Made up of Seven phases, crafted breakthroughs to speed up innovation in your business. It offers you leverage to unlimited power through simple results. You’ll gain access to unmatched creative potential to outwit, outperform, and outmaneuver the competition using the greatest tools you already have at your disposal.

The Delta


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Work through problems to resolutions that are practical and action oriented. No more guessing on what to do next.


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Begin with the end in mind. Your logo will be more that a pretty mark now that’s energized by strength and certainty of what’s different about your culture.


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Gain momentum and direction from the start. Know what order to move your business in and the support to help land you there.

The Seven Phases

These phases are what makes up the framework for your success.

Team Alignment

Understand the goals each member on your team wants to achieve, within the strategy framework. Finally, everyone will be “on the same page” and pointed in the right direction for their efforts.

Brand Building

The most important aspect of strategy is understanding of the unique sales proposition of your business. You can call it a Brand Statement or a Mission Statement. It’s the foundation of any journey to figuring out what you do, how you do it, who you’re doing it for, how it feels, and how it impacts the larger world.

Customer Profile

During this phase we will define 1-3 customer profiles while prioritizing their needs and ambitions. You don’t need to be a marketing genius or User Experience guru to understand that the foundation for delivering exceptional value in any marketplace is understanding the customer.

Goal Prioritization

You need to know what to do next, what to focus on, where to expand your efforts. You’ve spent too much time doing something that will only get changed or thrown away down the line. Now you’ll be certain and win support on what needs to get done.

Attribute Activation

Now that you have your brand attributes, what do you do with them? How do you translate them? Fantastic question, during your brand strategy consulting we’ll use a story structure to make those attributes into practical designs that are clear, systematic, and results oriented.


The outcome of this section is to think outside that proverbial “box” that many companies look to break out of. This is where a lot of solutions find their way to the surface.

Defining Moments

How do you put the solutions you’ve brainstormed into action? You put them into the context of time. Understand how customers connect and how you can leverage your own patrons to provide additional value by having them engage in a spirit of community.

Who is brand strategy for?

Designed for SMBs, Entrepreneurs, or Startups, Pandora Strategy will help you and your business run smoother and more effectively.

    • Small to Meduim Sized Businesses (SMBs)
    • CEO’s
    • C-Suite
    • Marketing
    • Product Development
    • Human Resources

Strategy is for anyone who wants to gain clarity and direction in their business.