Brand Identity Design

Building a brand identity for our clients begins with fist doing a strategy phase that immerses discovery through collaboration in your business and industry. We will articulate your brand positioning in a way that sets you apart from the competition while still being in alignment with your customers. Each brand identity touch point will be a solid spoke from the hub of expressing your ultimate “Why.”

what is brand identity

What is a brand identity?

Brand identity design is the collection of elements, messaging, and standards used that represents your business to its customers including trademark. A brand identity is not branding. Branding is the relationship between your business or product and it’s customers.

What does a brand identity include?

A brand identity can include elements such as visual design, communications, name, or trademark. It’s the way to differentiate yourself from your competition through consistent messaging and the reason people engage with you.

Applications that can be integrated into your brand identity design:


  • Logo
  • Website
  • Packaging Design
  • Business Cards
  • Email Signatures
  • Vehicle Wraps
  • Brand Identity Manual
  • or much more.
what does a brand identity include
Customer Persona

Customer Persona

Understanding what your audience wants in your industry is critical to creating a brand that they will love. You already know that different people want different things. Now you’ll have it defined in a way that you can use on platforms to target them.

Brand Messaging

Have a complete messaging and visual voice, articulated and well stated. Your messaging is how you’ll consistently communicate your values into the marketplace. ie. Being the go to person for “X.”

brand messaging
logo marks and logo types

Logomark and Logotypes

A brand identity be very complex with multitudes of assets that tie themselves to it, but it begins with having a great logo. Elements of color, typography, shapes, grid systems will play critical roles in developing your company’s identity.

Color Palette

The color palette that you choose for your brand identity has a significant effect on the way the customers perceive your business. There are psychological ties to different colors and using brand colors and in your logo.

brand identity color palette
typography branding


More than just the words in a page typography represents the tone in which that communication is delivered. Maybe the communication in your editorial is best used with a font that has candor or using a combination of serif and sanserif fonts.

Brand Design System

No design layout has as much importance as having a solid structure. With the brand design system, standards are set and how to approach the usage of all design elements to clear specifications.

brand system grid
Photography brand identity


The right photography in your brand identity can encompass the characteristics and the style of your company, to even the minute details of the emotions of each individual scene.


Iconography choices are the psychological and artistic choices to communicate message points throughout your brand system. Intentionally chosen to build familiarity through a consistent point of interest.

icon set brand identity
brand information architecture

Information Architecture

Information should maintain the integrity of delivering accurate data while being clear, yet hold the attention of the viewer with relevant data visualizations. Laying the groundwork for information architecture can find its way into annual reports, or web sources.

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