About Kendol Mason

Kendol Mason is a graphic designer with over 10 years of professional experience and a brand strategist.

Giftbox Creative began as a way for Kendol to offer his design services and creativity to a broader scope of people rather than solely focusing on in-house production-based work. From this decision, Kendol works with well-known brands including Yellow Pages, auto trader, and Apple. As Kendol is growing the brand, with hard work and success for the client he works with, Giftbox creative continues to evolve and grow in a vision toward helping others grow their business from the inside out.

With Giftbox Creative, Kendol gives his professional graphic design and branding experience to SMB’s who need an innovative way to position themselves to their unique markets. Kendol also offers logo design services and logo redesign for businesses that want to align your communication to a single vision.

Kendol’s passion for logo and graphic design draws inspiration from a range of modern legendary designers such as Milton Glaser, Neville Brody, David Carson, Stefan Sagmeister, Michael Bierut, Paul Rand, and Paula Scher. His purpose is to use graphic design to deliver clear, meaningful brand logo marks for your business. Marks that are simple, effective, and reflects the true values of your organization.

Beyond a local logo design service, Kendol also is recording a design podcast, writes a graphic design blog, and creates graphic design inspiration. This helps graphic designers grow in their knowledge and skill as a craftsman while keeping up on trends, important news, and insights. You can find fresh design content posted on LinkedIn and Facebook.

His achievements range from being 1st place winner at the Kentucky Association of Government Communicators Awards of Excellence, designing a logo and advertising campaign that helps set a new world record for Lake Cumberland Association, to being on the team that helped Newlife Industries fall ad campaign breaks record early sales with over $100,000 in Sales it’s initial Month.

“The aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well
the product or service fits them and sells itself.”

Peter Drucker

Multiple Approaches

Get help in the development of your branding design, logo design, and brand strategy. He’ll help you bring your vision to fruition through design as well as advertising practices and connect you to your audience while achieving sustainable results.

Through consistently raising standards Kendol is comfortable being uncomfortable, driven to push the barriers of creativity and discover the magic of it. Business success is not only the result of functioning well but the continuous pursuit of excellence. Kendol provides solutions through Graphic Design, Advertising, Logo Design, Web Design, Brand Identity Design, Facebook & Instagram Advertising, and Brand Strategy.

By understanding your business goals, a promotional strategy can be put into place. This ensures that a consistent and secure path is carefully crafted to ensure maximum success.

Design methodology

Best practices used to provide the best designs come from a solid understanding of the fundamentals.

Basic understanding of your business problems first.

Consistent development and industry growth.

Using the best design tools and standards in the industry.

Proven track record of success.

Informative design processes.

What makes working with Kendol different?

Contrary to most logo designers, Kendol takes the time to understand and learn about your business’s target audience, core purpose, history, and value proposition. Using this strategy, he understands what milestones your business needs to meet in order for your identity to meet its business objectives.

During the ideation phase, Kendol uses the business objectives as a guidepost combined with Tony Buzan’s Mind Mapping techniques and visual process brainstorming to explore over 100 ideas and variations for your logo. Beginning with thumbnail sketches in pen, Kendol will concept plenty of directions and show you the options referenced by the creative brief before taking the project into a scalable vector format in Adobe Illustrator.

While using this vector-based software, Kendol can rapidly produce designs at any scale starting in black and white and also explore perfectly paired fonts. This will allow you to receive industry-standard, professionally practiced results for your logo no matter what intended use you’ll need now or later.


You will receive three options for your logo reflected solely in the agreed-upon needs of your business, and these will also be in context to the needs of your business so you’ll know how they will apply in the real world and how your customers are most likely to experience them. Every design decision that Kendol makes has an intended purpose that aligns through type, the choice of colors relevant to your company’s values, reinforcing your intended brand voice through visual systems that last when your customers encounter your brand experience.

Your logo you will receive for your business will be more than just something you think your business has to have billable, a trademark of your business identity identifiable and timeless. The flexibility of your symbol will allow consistent communication no matter what new technologies or communication mediums emerge. The integrity of your brand will maintain the highest standards your organization has to offer, every single time.

Once revisions are complete and we have made adjustments, your logo will be in all the proper format for your business. This will include all vector and raster files Ai, JPEG, EPS, TIFF, SVG, PDF, PNG. Included in this package will be a custom logo look book that will also contain breakthroughs discovered during the initial creative brief discovery call. You’ll also own full rights to your logo design with no strings attached.

Thinking, from the inside out

If needed Kendol can deliver additional graphic design assets to fulfill your brand identity touchpoints. Because the digital space allows for remote working you don’t need to be in Atlanta to get a new brand identity.

This includes but not limited to branded website, pitch deck design, poster design, brand strategy, brand identity, Instagram Filter Design, and Facebook/Instagram advertising.

Kendol receives many testimonials from current and past clients, who express their gratitude through his open communication, logo design process, understanding, and inviting collaborative methods.

  • While Kendol is constantly growing and expanding market outreach, documenting the process is just as important.
  • Content that is researched and made to add as much value as possible.
  • Open collaboration with all of our clients on social media and consulting is always available.
  • Creative resources to reference and use in your day to day creative efforts.

For a more detailed process of working with Kendol, you can check out a little more detailed logo design process.

what does a brand identity include
what is brand identity

Brand identity touchpoints

Guided by an evolving brand identity design process, Kendol is consistently meeting the goals of your business with Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Brochure Design, or a Branded Website for your business, and confidently reassuring the success of your brand’s launch or re-launch.

A relevant brand and logo can go in the best direction by leveraging color, emblems, type and symbol, typography, monograms, or symbols. Kendol will guide you in the best direction you should go for your target audience and long-term goals.

If you are curious about working with Kendol Mason on your logo or brand identity, fill out this quick online form to receive a flat rate quote.