Eye Candy Designed With a Purpose

Get help in the development of your website design, logo design, and graphic design needs. He’ll help you bring your vision to fruition through design as well as advertising practices and connect you to your audience while achieving sustainable results.

Through consistently raising standards Kendol is comfortable being uncomfortable, driven to push the barriers of creativity and discover the magic of it. Business success is not only the result of functioning well but the continuous pursuit of excellence. Kendol provides solutions through Graphic Design, Advertising, Logo Design, Web Design, Product Design, Illustration, Brand Development, Marketing & Brand Strategy, Business Cards, and Social Media Marketing.

By understanding your business goals a marketing strategy is put into place incorporated with a custom graphic design or website solution. This ensures that a safe and secure path is carefully evaluated to ensure maximum success.

Design Process

The methods used during the process are universally adaptable to virtually any obstacle you may have the need for. By using some or all of the steps provided allows for a strategic plan of creative pools during development.

Creative Brief

It’s all about you and your needs.


What is it that makes your vision unique?

Testing and Delivery: Getting your feet wet is a good indicator of where unknown changes might need to take place.

Marketing Strategies

Understanding your audience that really engages two way communication.

marketing strategies


No idea is spared during this phase of exploring possibilities.


This is where brilliant ideas are fine tuned into reality.

webdesign drafting

Testing and Delivery

The experience occurs and data is taken.

“The aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well
the product or service fits him and sells itself.”

Peter Drucker

Recognition Through Repetition

The human mind usually recognizes and brands associations after 3 separate encounters of a product or service. By creating a graphic design marketing campaign, you can be sure your product or service becomes popular over time.

Custom Crafted

Gain new customers and connect with existing ones through powerful adaptive custom web design features to meet your specific business needs.

Designed With Intent

Designed with type, image, and color the intent of graphic design is to communicate clearly and easily. Conceiving originally ideas allow us to really stretch human thinking with witty graphic design solutions that connect with your audience.