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Professional Logo Design

A designer should know your logo reflects the professional values, services, culture, and expectations of your brand image across multiple platforms. All ideas from creative elements of color combinations, shapes, icons, fonts & typography, and company history all play an important role in our process to create a memorable logo mark. Every design element in your logo design is conceived with meaning and the evaluation of your professional business throughout the creative process.

Logo design process

The methods used during the process are universally adaptable to virtually any obstacle you may have the need for. By using some or all of the steps provided allows for strategic planning and creative ideas during development.

Creative Brief: It’s all about you and your needs. By asking the right questions we learn more about your company, goals, products, values, and target audience.

Research: What is it that makes your vision unique? We do a complete analysis of your competition, uncovering patterns, and trends.

Brainstorming: Spare no idea during this phase of exploring possibilities. This is where the magic happens. After coming up with a series of ideas, we develop the best approach and then refine it into perfection.

Design: This is where ideas are made into digital comprehensive images with shapes, fonts, taglines, and color. Playing with the design until it breaks the idea is our final step before delivery.

Refinement: Exploring your logo in multiple sizes is a good indicator of where unknown changes might need to take place. Playing with the design until it’s perfectly balanced, the idea is our final step before delivery.

Delivery: Your logo and its assets will be packaged into file folders, properly named, and easy to navigate.

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Industry Specific

A professional logo designer will design specifically for your business while also relating all the right messages. With the right logo design, you can grow the relationship with your customer base so you’re at the top of their mind when they are thinking of a product or service they want to use. The brand you use to build your business starts with first having the perfect logo that accurately reflects your companies’ values.

Simple and Clear Logo Design

In need of a logo that looks just as professional as your business? You’re covered. You can be sure your logo will be especially relevant in its design by what you intended to deliver in your business. A logo will go through a two-step process; First, Your logo will be made first in black and white to clearly identify the industry and your logos message. Secondly, it’s then taken through a color and typography phase to further strengthen the impact of the overall logo. This helps to make your company appear authentic, trustworthy, or creative depending on what message is most important for your brand.


A Unique Solution

The building of a logo design can solve a variety of problems including profit growth, expertise, and customer loyalty. Working your logo into a brand, then using it to deliberately solve simple to complex business problems takes time and the potential returns that you’ll generate are priceless. By combining your logo design effectively into a specific marketing campaign and the customer experience you can ensure the relationship that your customers will feel about your brand. A logo by its self does little until it has been delivered into a custom logo experience.

Consistency That Speaks

Having a logo designer that’s consistent and professional across multiple products makes your business look much more professional to prospective customers. Using the same Color, Fonts, and Images routinely. Your logo design can enhance recognition, a sense of belonging, and even emotional intelligence in the eyes of your customers. Once you have your new logo design you will then have the beginnings of the colors your brand can use in multiple formats to make sure that all items work together.

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Scalable Formats

Your logo design will be made in a vector format that will be retina ready for all mobile devices, therefore your logo will look appropriate at all levels. This means that the logo will look good in both small and large formats for multiple viewing options while still retaining clarity. You’ll receive the native Adobe Illustrator file that retains the vector format for future use as well as receiving multiple format sizes for retina devices. As a designer Kendol will make sure your professional logo will be infinitely scalable so you’ll no longer need to worry about your logo lacking claristy communication in print or digital media.

Professional Standards

When you want your company to be recognized by the quality of your services, the quality of your products, and the effectiveness of your impact, now talking about brand identity. A professional designer make a strong impression which is how you can improve through the relationship of your companies engagement with your customers. We walk with you as you become better each and every step of the way. So if you’re looking for a professional logo designer near you fill out the form below.