Brand Thinking,
From The Inside Out.

Giftbox Creative uses Brand Strategy & Identity Design to help
brands build a relationship with the customers they love.

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Logo Design

Color combinations, shapes, company culture, typography, history, and company attributes and values will all play an important role in the process to create a memorable mark.

Brand Identity

When you want your company recognized by the reputation of its services, the quality of its products, and the effectiveness of its results, you’re now talking about brand identity.

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Brand Strategy

Get the key strategies to keep your business at the head of market opportunities. Delve into growth strategies, systems, and resources that will push your success even further.

What customers are saying?

“Kendol created promo material for us at NewYork Life and he does amazing work. I have to admit that I have put him in some tough situations and he has been able to deliver flawless work on a tight schedule.”

Geraldine Terc ~ NewYork Life Insurance Company

NewYork Life Insurance Company Logo

“Kendol and Giftbox Creative worked closely with me at a past agency to design a logo, brand identity, and brochure for our cloud data storage service offering. Great, wonderful job!”

Michael Cornett ~ Director of Agency Expansion, Teleworks USA – Eastern Kentucky C.E.P. Inc.

“Kendol’s design for our logo was “spot on”! I expressed my thoughts for what I had in mind and he delivered incorporating all of my ideas. Highly recommend!”

Craig Stratton ~ President, Renewable Energy Resources

What’s the formula for Logo Design success?

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