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Interview with Adam Brown

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Interviews / Guests
Interviews / Guests
Interview with Adam Brown

Adam Brown is an award-winning creative director of Marrow Agency in Lexington, Kentucky.

In this podcast episode we discuss’ topics such as the state of building a brand and defining what a brand means in today’s complex marketplace.

In this episode we talk about how branding and advertising connect with the human emotion and engages with the people it impacts.

Adam gives his amazing perspective on how the landscape of communication plays out and why branding is so important in today’s state of communication.

Plenty of parallels of creativity and communication develop as Adam Brown explains how fresh ideas in advertising play a part in innovation being used and how marketing results play out.

We also talk about some life lessons that he’s learned while building the agency and antidotes of how proper branding has helped him change the history of an entire school’s campus.

Adam’s perspective can help you glean industry insights that you can apply in your field even if you’re an agency owner or designer.

With wit and charm Adam Brown’s insight gives logical tactics you can use to learn and improve your brand communication in your projects.

With ideas and sources to draw from, Adam Brown takes you on an amazing journey throughout his creative career.

So sit back, grab some popcorn and enjoy this episode.


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