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Designing Brand Identity | Episode 24

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Creators Revival
Creators Revival
Designing Brand Identity | Episode 24

Designing a Brand Identity is more than just having a logo. It’s a compilation of multiple parts, steps, and processes that are a compilation of a Logo Type, Logo Mark or Signature, Color Scheme, Typography, Image Composition, Logo Lockups, Icon Set, Tagline, Audio Signature, Signage, Animation, and Lifestyle Usage Mockups.

When these elements in a strategic align way, they create what’s often referred to as a Brand Identity. The Brand Identity will generate a sense of unity among all visual elements to create the brand experience over time that people will use in relation to your products.

In this 1 Hour episode, I discuss those features and benefits so that you may understand more about what makes up an Identity Design and incorporate that more into your offerings to your customers.

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