Frequently Asked Questions

What should I know about working with you?


My projects are priced at a flat rate so you can ensure the result is based on the goal of your business. Logo design projects based on the scope (all items included in the project) of work needed. That way you won’t need to juggle calculating how much time a project will take and have a nice round number in your budget. Your business is valuable and we want to help you with planning and operating your brand as easily as possible.


You’ll receive unlimited revisions and will also receive a complementary logo 15-minute discovery session, business card design, letter head design, and custom logo guide book, multiple print and digital logo file formats, and multiple sizes for social media channels. Brand Identity will always begin with a 6 Hour Brand strategy session. This is where we uncover the deeper attributes of your brand, help you understand the demographic and psychographic of your ideal customer; prioritize efforts among your current or future team, and position yourself in the market to meet your customers deepest needs. Brand Strategy is done in systematic steps.


The process of design is structured so you gain the best benefit every step of the way, think of it like building a house alongside a world class architect. Deliverables include: complete brand style guide, typography specimen, brand story, color palette, mission statement, brand image, tagline or slogan, logo architecture, multiple logo file formats, brand architype, and brand values. Including all elements that come with the basic logo design package: business card design, letter head design, and custom logo guide book, multiple print and digital logo file formats, and multiple sizes for social media channels.


Printing will cost extra based on the supplier, quantity, and substrate (paper) you select.

What is your typical process for working with a new customer?

So that you have a clearer picture on what it’s like throughout the logo design process. Below you can find a specific outline of what you can expect from a logo design project. Not all projects are the same however, but you’ll find that the steps below are always included:


1. Discovery & Creative Brief:

Before we can design the perfect logo for your company or decide a direction to move in with your logo we first need to determine what would best express your business in your logo. This questionnaire process will ensure the nature of your business is taken into consideration to help you communicate it to what your customers need. Topics of color meaning and association; text/image style, font style, what are the do’s and don’ts of your logo, and associated attributes will give you confidence in the direction of the overall approach.


2. Research:

During this phase extensive research will be done by examining the current market trends that are relevant to your industry. This will include competitors for gaps they may be missing that your business can better provide or communicate. We will also look into the leaders of your market to make sure you won’t become another cheap knock off of the industry standard.


3. Concept:

Using the brief keyword ideas will be sketched out as thumbnails to get a rough idea of potential directions to go in. This allows for low fidelity ideas to quickly get themselves out without thinking too much about technical aspects like color or type. It’s getting the ideas out as quickly as possible on paper before taking them digitally. As much as 100 thumbnails, or more, will be done during this phase and then distilled down to the best three.


4. Design:

This is where your logo concept is taken from ideation to a lockup (digitized version) of the logo on screen. Here it looks more different versions of variations of the logo look at typography color orientation and it’ll just be quicker for us to look at it overall and multiple file-formats and because it’s infected was in creating different variations much quicker than we could on paper. all these logos will be made in black-and-white first so that we could focus on the message. A list of choices will be made about typography, hierarchy a digital format that will allow us to move much quicker and make decisions. It’ll be much more Concrete in the direction you want to go in for your logo.


5. Refining:

All the logos will be presented to you in black and white and we can choose the best one that conveys the message that we need for your business. You have three choices to choose from and I’ll help you choose one that’s directly in alignment with your brand characteristics and values. This is why choosing brand attributes at the very beginning is a very important step in helping you deliver Clarity in your messaging. We will also choose appropriate colors to find Summa typography and making sure the structure and layout have full integrity for the message of your brand.


6. Presenting the ideas:

The logos will be presented to you in individual ideas that are in alignment to the direction we discussed in the creative brief. You’ll select from one of three designs you feel, intuit, or logically agree with that best meets the needs of your business.


7. Revisions & Changes:

I stayed in early you have an unlimited amount of revisions and changes you can make to the logo. All things included that need to come to our attention like image for graphic changes, color, type, Etc. If there is a scenario that you do not like any of those logos that were presented additional Concepts can be refined and remade. Finalizing once you have approved a logo, a final payment must be made before final files will be delivered it will be sent via Email or Google Drive. Help with printing suppliers can be arranged, with any business cards, vehicle wraps, or stationary that needs to be properly set up for the manufacturer.


8. Packaging & Delivery:

What’s the logo design process has been completed you receive your logo, individual logomark, logotype in an EPS format also known as vector, JPEG and PNG format that can be used for your website social media channels. You also receive versions of your logo in full-color, single color, a black version of white version and a grayscale version, tagline files to also receive files versions with the tagline as well as without. Note: If Pantone colors are needed for your logo then you will receive a version format for this as we discuss color options in the briefing.

What Logo File Types Will I Get?

Receive every file format, color scheme, and configuration for your logo. This means the matter what the situation calls for you have every file format you need for your projects. Will take care of it all for you.

What Comes In the Logo Package?

Color Gamut

  • CMYK
  • RGB


Logo Components

  • Logo & Tagline
  • Logotype & Tagline
  • Tagline
  • Logo
  • Logotype
  • Logomark


Color Schemes

  • Full Color
  • One Color
  • Reverse
  • Inverted
  • Greyscale


File Types

  • AI
  • PDF
  • EPS
  • SVG
  • PNG
  • JPG
  • Print & Web File Formats

What education and/or training do you have that relates to your work?

I’ve been an artist my entire life so ever since being in grade school I’ve always had a natural talent but also when he worked at it. The training in practice that came along with that actually helped me to really hone it when I got to college. I went to the Art Institute of Atlanta where I received my Associate of Arts studied graphic design and learn techniques in printing, typography, layout, color theory, web design, Animation, drawing, and painting.


Progressing education now grows in using sites like skill share, YouTube, the future. cecostomy practicing my craft is what makes me better. but most of it really is a combination of doing courses and lots of practice.


How did you get started in this type of work?

I started working inhouse for an independent benefits brokerage as a graphic designer while still in college. Working on brochure layout projects and typesetting for internal communication pieces and then moving onto bigger company projects for clients such as Comcar and interactive flash maps for InMotion Electronics.


I then went on to designing trifold brochures for marketing ads for apparel companies. It was during that time I built up a reputation as a skilled designer and was asked to do logos. I was eventually asked by the Center for Rural Development of Kentucky and Guinness World Records to make a logo for a raft up campaign. From that more clients came in over time along with relationships built over the years.


What types of customers have you worked with?

I work with the range of customers and small to medium-sized businesses Center For Rural Development, Newlife Industries, and Ceramic Technics Limited. a lot of spaces that I found myself involved in that have been in the food industry which I actually really enjoy working with. I also have experience in working with larger businesses like AutoTrader, Yellow Pages, Guiness, The Home Depot, and Apple.


The industry’s range that I’ve worked with including the medical industry, the food service industry specifically restaurants, and even individual entrepreneurs and various Industries. typically, the process involves understanding what the client actually needs are not particularly quote romantic about the industry itself.


Stationary and business cards for businesses and startups. also doing logo types and making full brand identities some of which have gone on to win Awards. gun printing brochures book jackets however websites and logos seem to be the most common. designing WordPress themes, doing style escapes, user experience design which includes doing user research and user testing, even doing email marketing campaigns and advertising campaigns for Facebook and Instagram. everybody has something to give, everyone has a gift.


What advice would you give a customer looking to hire a designer for thier branding?

Beyond just looking at the designer’s portfolio and get to know the person that you’re actually working with and make sure that they actually have sincere interest in the project if they’ll be helping you work on. A sizzling portfolio is only a small part of the story you’ll want to dig and ask them how they actually got to the solution? Ask him why did they end up choosing the elements for the solution that they chose? How did these decisions help to meet the goals of the project to meet the client’s needs?


What questions should customers think through before talking to logo designer about their projects?

what problem am I actually trying to solve? how do I sync a logo will actually help me solve that problem? I thought about what value I’m bringing to the market to differentiate myself among my competitors? Why do I need a logo? Think Beyond just yes static of the design and think about the actual business problem that your product or service will solve in the marketplace. Once you clearly defined that that everything else can be guided within those restraints to help you position yourself clearly and more effectively. Clarity is the one absolute sure thing that will bring your business results through the right logo.