Interview with Robin Hiers

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Interview with Robin Hiers

“I truly believe that if we follow the path that’s been set forth for us, the sky is the limit of our success and the difference that we can make in the world.”

– Robin Hiers

Robin Hiers is the founder and operator of Restoration Wellness, LLC in Roswell Georgia. Robin Hiers is a functional medicine health coach and licensed sports & medical massage practitioner. Robin works with athletes who want to up their performance game and those busy corporate professionals that live in chronic pain due to a lack of movement & high stress. Restoration Wellness, Robin’s program, takes a whole-body approach when designing for clients individualized coaching programs while taking into account their short-term and long-term goals. Robin teaches her clients to become their health advocate. 

Robin has a 30+ year experience as a personal trainer also, so the body anatomy makes perfect sense to her and in most cases, Robin continues to find great success in helping others heal.