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Logo Design

Color combinations, shapes, company culture, typography, history, and company attributes and values will all play an important role in the process to create a memorable mark.

Brand Identity

When you want your company recognized by the reputation of its services, the quality of its products, and the effectiveness of its results, you’re now talking about brand identity.

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Brand Strategy

Get the key strategies to keep your business at the head of market opportunities. Delve into growth strategies, systems, and resources that will push your success even further.

Logo & Design Portfolio

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Logo design process

The methods used during the process are universally adaptable to virtually any obstacle you may have the need for. By using some or all of the steps provided allows for strategic planning and creative ideas during development.

Creative Brief: It’s all about you and your needs. By asking the right questions we learn more about your company, goals, products, values, and target audience.

Research: What is it that makes your vision unique? We do a complete analysis of your competition, uncovering patterns, and trends.

Brainstorming: Spare no idea during this phase of exploring possibilities. This is where the magic happens. After coming up with a series of ideas, we develop the best approach and then refine it into perfection.

Design: This is where ideas are made into digital comprehensive images with shapes, fonts, taglines, and color. Playing with the design until it breaks the idea is our final step before delivery.

Refinement: Exploring your logo in multiple sizes is a good indicator of where unknown changes might need to take place. Playing with the design until it’s perfectly balanced, the idea is our final step before delivery.

Delivery: Your logo and its assets will be packaged into file folders, properly named, and easy to navigate.

Design methodology

Best practices used to provide the best designs come from a solid understanding of the fundamentals.

Basic understanding of your business problems first.

Consistent development and industry growth.

Using the best design tools and standards in the industry.

Proven track record of success.

Informative design processes.

What makes working with Kendol different?

Contrary to most logo designers, Kendol takes the time to understand and learn about your business’s target audience, core purpose, history, and value proposition. Using this strategy, he understands what milestones your business needs to meet in order for your identity to meet its business objectives.

During the ideation phase, Kendol uses the business objectives as a guidepost combined with Tony Buzan’s Mind Mapping techniques and visual process brainstorming to explore over 100 ideas and variations for your logo. Beginning with thumbnail sketches in pen, Kendol will concept plenty of directions and show you the options referenced by the creative brief before taking the project into a scalable vector format in Adobe Illustrator.

While using this vector-based software, Kendol can rapidly produce designs at any scale starting in black and white and also explore perfectly paired fonts. This will allow you to receive industry-standard, professionally practiced results for your logo no matter what intended use you’ll need now or later.


You will receive three options for your logo reflected solely in the agreed-upon needs of your business, and these will also be in context to the needs of your business so you’ll know how they will apply in the real world and how your customers are most likely to experience them. Every design decision that Kendol makes has an intended purpose that aligns through type, the choice of colors relevant to your company’s values, reinforcing your intended brand voice through visual systems that last when your customers encounter your brand experience.

Your logo you will receive for your business will be more than just something you think your business has to have billable, a trademark of your business identity identifiable and timeless. The flexibility of your symbol will allow consistent communication no matter what new technologies or communication mediums emerge. The integrity of your brand will maintain the highest standards your organization has to offer, every single time.

Once revisions are complete and we have made adjustments, your logo will be in all the proper format for your business. This will include all vector and raster files Ai, JPEG, EPS, TIFF, SVG, PDF, PNG. Included in this package will be a custom logo look book that will also contain breakthroughs discovered during the initial creative brief discovery call. You’ll also own full rights to your logo design with no strings attached.

Thinking, from the inside out

If needed Kendol can deliver additional graphic design assets to fulfill your brand identity touchpoints. Because the digital space allows for remote working you don’t need to be in Atlanta to get a new brand identity.

This includes but not limited to branded website, pitch deck design, poster design, brand strategy, brand identity, Instagram Filter Design, and Facebook/Instagram advertising.

Kendol receives many testimonials from current and past clients, who express their gratitude through his open communication, logo design process, understanding, and inviting collaborative methods.

  • While Kendol is constantly growing and expanding market outreach, documenting the process is just as important.
  • Content that is researched and made to add as much value as possible.
  • Open collaboration with all of our clients on social media and consulting is always available.
  • Creative resources to reference and use in your day to day creative efforts.

For a more detailed process of working with Kendol, you can check out a little more detailed logo design process.

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what is brand identity

Brand identity touchpoints

Guided by an evolving brand identity design process, Kendol is consistently meeting the goals of your business with Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Brochure Design, or a Branded Website for your business, and confidently reassuring the success of your brand’s launch or re-launch.

A relevant brand and logo can go in the best direction by leveraging color, emblems, type and symbol, typography, monograms, or symbols. Kendol will guide you in the best direction you should go for your target audience and long-term goals.

If you are curious about working with Kendol Mason on your logo or brand identity, fill out this quick online form to receive a flat rate quote.

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What people are saying

“Kendol created promo material for us at NewYork Life and he does amazing work. I have to admit that I have put him in some tough situations and he has been able to deliver flawless work on a tight schedule.”

Geraldine Terc ~ NewYork Life Insurance Company

NewYork Life Insurance Company Logo

“Kendol and Giftbox Creative worked closely with me at a past agency to design a logo, brand identity, and brochure for our cloud data storage service offering. Great, wonderful job!”

Michael Cornett ~ Director of Agency Expansion, Teleworks USA – Eastern Kentucky C.E.P. Inc.

“Kendol’s design for our logo was “spot on”! I expressed my thoughts for what I had in mind and he delivered incorporating all of my ideas. Highly recommend!”

Craig Stratton ~ President, Renewable Energy Resources

What’s the formula for Logo Design success?

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