Earth Plane

Form, Plane and Mass

Plane and Mass:

The plane is simply a Two Dimensional surface that lives within the space of an area, but in order for the object to become a Plane it must take up significantly more space than a Dot. At this point it’s no longer just a Dot on the page but now a Plane or Mass on in the space. The more the activity surrounding the shape, the more the shape will become active.


Geometric Form:

We identify objects by the shapes they represent to us as a culture. Typically there are three Geometric Forms that we are used to using the Square, Circle, and Triangle, and sometimes the line.

Form Square Circle Triangle

The Square, Circle, and Triangle are the most common shapes we use visually.


It has taken my entire life to understand what I already knew about creating art in 3rd grade.


Organic Form:

Forms that are organic often appear to be a regular Form shapeless and highly difference in appearance or organic. Therefore to make a shape in your organic message means to reinforce the message and deliver variation in natural form. Natural Forms are constantly changing shape and changing Form therefore they never seem to be rhythmic and completely unexpected.

Organic Form

These organic forms consist of irregularity and spontaneity.