Kendol Mason (born January 19th) studied graphic design at the Art Institute of Atlanta and is an American graphic designer, storyteller, and typographer. He’s worked as a graphic designer, salesman, consultant and speaker throughout the course of his decade-long career.

Growing and harnessing his innovative discipline in graphic design over the course of the last 10 years he’s also worked alongside leading corporations, design firms, advertising, agencies, and publishers, and manufacturers in the south-east part of the United States.

Gaining clients such as The Kentucky Center For Rural Development, Guinness World Records, DMD Data Systems, Hogarth Worldwide, Ceramic Technics, All South Restoration, and Achara Consulting. Kendol has the understanding and ability to generate new and maintain existing business relationships.

His work includes graphic design and illustration, logo design and identities, website design and development, product packaging, advertising, and motion graphics. Despite never entering his work in for an award, instead it found him. His branding work for The Could digital storage won 1st Place in the Kentucky Communications Design Award in 2011.

Kendol considers that graphic design is 80% psychology and 20% mechanics. This represents a philosophy that creative design is founded on a basis of clear communication through all human senses, trains of conditioned thought, and – most importantly – emotional intelligence, and expands into an ever-expanding body for a wide variety of cultures.

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